Skoda. „Unser strategisches Ziel bleibt unverändert: Wir wollen bis zum Jahr 2018 weltweit mindestens 1.5 Millionen PKW der Marke ŠKODA verkaufen.“ Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland

Space for life.

“Our strategic goal remains unchanged: By 2018 we want to sell at least 1.5 million cars bearing the Škoda brand worldwide.”

Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland
Chairman of the Board of Management

Brand History

The history of the Czech brand originated in 1895 with bicycles. The company survived two world wars and became synonymous with quality automobiles. The current success story began in 1991 with integration into the Volkswagen Group.

Status Quo

Through its presence in over 100 countries Škoda became a player in the global auto business, one to be taken seriously. Success is essentially based on the distinct value-for-money positioning. A decision to buy Škoda has always been a predominantly rational one for car drivers who could not afford a more attractive brand or chose not to.

“Simply Clever” was the starting point for the complex rebranding process that ranged from revising the positioning all the way to developing and enacting a holistic design system. In doing so, the targeted objective was to establish Škoda in the future as an appealing and emotive brand for the whole family. We call this:

Skoda. Space for Life 2
Skoda Fahrzeug Frontseite, Kühlerhaube
Skoda, Markenlogo 3
Skoda Visitenkarte
Skoda Website auf verschiedenen Devices

“Customers ought be able to readily identify Škoda partners at first glance.”

Werner Heichhorn
Škoda Board Member for Sales and Marketing

Skoda Autohaus TagSkoda Autohaus Nacht

From Hamburg to Prague

An interdisciplinary team made up of 10 members of staff at Syndicate worked for 6 months together with Škoda on-site.


To ensure that absolutely no details had been forgotten we built a true-to-life model on a scale of 1:20 as the preliminary stage towards a prototype.

“We developed and constructed a ready-to-use, full-scale prototype of the new showroom for the World Dealer’s Conference in order to present the concept to all dealership partners in an impressive fashion and obtain feedback from them.”

Heiko Hinrichs 
Managing Partner, Syndicate Design AG


Over 5000 suggestions from Škoda dealers from all over the world were taken into consideration within the concept. Nearly 90% of the dealers evaluated the concept as good or very good.


Weg vom Pitch zum ersten Showroom
Skoda neuer Aufritt

“Over the past years we have invested in modernising and enhancing our models on a massive scale. Now the new presentation scenario at our dealerships is the ideal backdrop for presenting our vehicles to the customer.”

Volkswagen Group Škoda Dealer Network

Do you want to learn more about our work for Škoda? Then write to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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