Maggi. Für alle, die gerne essen und kochen - möchten wir den Kochalltag zum Erlebnis machen.

Cooking, not looking.

“We want to turn everyday cooking into an experience for Germany’s biggest target group: in a nutshell, for everyone who enjoys cooking and eating. Using products and ideas that make do-it-yourself cooking easier.”

Maggi - visuelle Leitidee von Syndicate für das gesamte, etwa 350 Produkte umfassende, SortimentMaggi - visuelle Leitidee von Syndicate für das gesamte, etwa 350 Produkte umfassende, SortimentMaggi - visuelle Leitidee von Syndicate für das gesamte, etwa 350 Produkte umfassende, Sortiment


A transcending visual guiding idea was developed and enacted for the entire range encompassing over 300 products. A holistic approach that had been lacking in the brand’s presentation scenario until then.

Maggi – at home in life like it really is. From the selection of good ingredients and on to preparing them...

straight through to the finished dish, we look upon the cooking process from the consumers’ viewpoint…

and consequently find that special moment for each product that portrays it best.

One shot, a single open composition. A real-life situation with the viewer in the midst of it.


Cooking, not looking! 


The new pictorial concept is so inviting, warm and vibrant because it shows personal moments while cooking. Arranging and serving were yesterday. Today cooking’s the thing.


Maggi Logo


The design pursues a new sense of aesthetics: less conservative, less industrial. As a result Maggi presents itself as a brand that’s ‘alive’. With a clear branding.

Maggi Packagin Design - vorherMaggi Packagin Design - nachher
Maggi Packaging Design Regal

The design provides for a better orientation on the shelf. Materials along with colour and lighting moods are used to differentiate the product groups. Where a yellow wall used to point the way to Maggi is going to be communicated more authentically in the future.

“As simple as buttered bread, except warmer and much more varied.”

Maggi, Kochen


New on the shelf: natural cooking stocks that promise pure pleasure. Because good taste begins with good ingredients. Look and see.

Maggi, neu im regal: Natürliche Fonds


Maggi Ravioli. In this look, but only for a short time.

And what does our client say about Syndicate  


“Very professional, motivated, very good performance”
“Understands the brand and target group very well”
“Very good design solutions”
“100% reliability“

(Nestlé Supplier Assessment 2014)


Do you want to learn more about our work for Maggi? Then write to me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Martina Berger

Dr. Martina Berger

Executive Strategy Director

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