Made for growth

„We want referral marketing to be a well-known term in every marketers vocabulary. Our referral programs should be a fixed component of online marketing strategies, since they are a necessary complement to existing actions. Stagnation is regression, especially in online marketing!“

Aaron Keilhau
CEO & Co-Founder, Firal

Why the need to change?

Formerly created as tool to promote a free eBook via twitter, „Pay with a Tweet“ no longer reflected the business model of the Referral Marketing company. No longer based on alternative online payments or an exclusive usage of Twitter and with much more flexible solutions, there was defenitely a need to rethink the brand.



„The process and tools we used in developing a digital brand aren‘t necessarily different from those we use in more traditional projects. In the end it‘s all about ideas.“


Sven Carsten Alt
Managing Partner, Syndicate Design AG



Brand Positioning
The new Brand Positioning captures „Pay with a Tweet“ Brand Essence, supports and stays true to the Business Strategy, aims to inspire employees and partners and ultimately drives on-brand brand building.


After defining the new Brand Positioning, we knew we wanted to summarize the brand essence – made for growth – in a strong claim and an iconic brand.


„Firal means that something goes viral among friends or within a friends network. From the first moment we heard the name firal, we felt it was just right. It is a strong brand name that is perfect for internationalization.“


Aaron Keilhau
CEO & Co-Founder, Firal



Fresh, positive and colorful. A visual language that refers to scalability and growth. A vibrant brand for the digital age.


„It has been our great pleasure to collaborate with Syndicate. Its insight and creativity have been invaluable for developing new visions in online referral marketing. The results speak for themselves: since the rebranding, we have reduced our acquisition time per customer by half. In a nutshell, our new brand provides much greater orientation and security, thus enhancing sales efficiency.“


Aaron Keilhau
CEO & Co-Founder, Firal



„Don‘t get ready, get started.“

Firal ended up being a very efficient project, taking roughly
5 months from the project kick-off to the Brand launch.

Sven Carsten Alt
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Sven Carsten Alt

Managing Partner

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