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The recipe for successful workshops

With our cookery we are opening up a creative scope for out-of-the-ordinary workshops. Between spatulas and flip charts, all the ingredients are there to exchange ideas open-mindedly with each other while working in a targeted manner. In our idea kitchen we develop strategies, ideas and concepts – openly, enjoyingly, and mutually. Just like cooking together with friends.

In a relaxed kitchen atmosphere you get to meet the heads of Syndicate and become reacquainted with your own team, too. We get together on an equal footing, which enables us to develop an understanding towards the brand and the respective problem-at-hand that much easier.


We bring along the best ingredients for the cooking and for our strategic idea process: moderation, a methodic workstyle and creative techniques. The focus is always on ‘learning by doing’. That’s why we not only prepare a delicious menu during the workshop: in accordance with Design Thinking we prepare the first outlines, sketches and models as well.


A concluding meal offers a great opportunity to discuss things. In a convivial round, approaches and ideas can be ‘served up’ and given further thought while still ‘piping hot’.

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“The Cookery” is our one-of-a-kind workshop format where we draw up ideas, strategies and design approaches together with you while combining everything from A to Z with cooking.


Workshops as if they came from a cookbook

You set the theme for our joint “The Cookery” workshop. For instance, the subject could be your company’s strategy, the positioning of your brand, the concept for a new product, or ideas revolving around the POS.


Appropriate to the task involved, we offer workshops for one or more days and put together a team for you comprised of Strategy, Consulting, Design, Visualisation, Architecture and/or Production, depending on the requirements.


Above and beyond that, we equally offer workshops ‘à la carte’:

1. Creative design ideas

for editions in Packaging Design


2. Innovative concepts

for the branch or shop of the future


3. Strategic idea management

Outside-the-box methods, business model generation and the like

Best perspectives

On the 4th floor of our Syndicate agency with a rooftop view across Hamburg’s Grindel district, we have all the space it takes to address tasks creatively and open-mindedly. The event kitchen, a dining room, a creative space and our rooftop terrace are all here. The location is in the heart of town, easy to reach, and surrounded by hotels. Naturally we’ll be glad to help you with any organisation.

The conference room

The conference room

The creative workshop room

The creative workshop room

Our kitchen

Our kitchen

Have we whetted your appetite?

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Sven Alt

Managing Director

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