Launching a sustainable brand hand in hand

The challenge

It all started with the idea of offering regional, natural mineral water under one brand throughout Germany – on short routes and in environmentally friendly packaging. A positioning and brand identity were to be developed for this, including packaging design for the retail and food service sectors.

Our solution

As a new brand in the market, you have to stand out. Especially when the budget for communication is limited. Therefore, our most important goal was to create a distinctive appearance with a clear message and strong visual impact. In close cooperation with the client, the concept of the Wasserhelden was developed under the guiding principle “Hand in Hand”. The Wasserhelden are a quality community of regional sources. The water is sold exclusively in returnable glass bottles with recyclable lids and labels. The brand engages regionally and consumers become part of the Wasserhelden community through their contribution.

Brand Positioning | Visual Brand Identity | Packaging Design

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