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The brand as a symbol of unity

“Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH”, one of the leading international distribution and trading companies for special chemicals and natural raw materials, will in future rely on a strong brand that unites the entire group of companies. We developed the international brand strategy for the long-established Hamburg based company and designed its new corporate identity.

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Project details

Task & solution

The global raw materials and chemicals market is characterised by consolidation, increasing internationalisation of supply chains and digitisation of business processes. In this environment, “Nordmann, Rassmann” created an international group of companies with 26 subsidiaries and approx. 440 employees in Europe, Asia and North America through acquisitions and investments. As a distributor and sales partner, the NRC Group is thus an important link for suppliers from all over the world and customers in the entire processing industry.

With the help of a new company and brand strategy, the company will in future be even more visible and perceived as a preferred partner for suppliers and customers as well as an attractive employer brand.

In order to meet these diverse and complex challenges, we have visited selected locations at an international level, interviewed managers, customers and suppliers, integrated the owner family and carefully analyzed the competition. In the process, we became acquainted with a company that is highly valued and respected by all market participants, which approaches the subject of brand profiling from a position of strength.

Together with the management, we developed the brand strategy and positioning and formulated the brand vision and mission. We obtained the necessary feedback from the international organisation on the strategy developed in the course of regular status presentations and were thus able to obtain the commitment from the entire country organisations for the implementations.

In a subsequent iterative creative and design process, we developed the brand and the holistic corporate image and, as a lead agency, accompanied the implementation for the trade fair, website and PR communication.

On the occasion of an internal launch event in February 2019, we presented the new brand strategy and the new corporate identity to executives and the entire workforce.

The result was a new corporate identity that, building on the values which already make the NRC Group strong, gives the company more visibility and presence. While retaining their respective legal form and company name*, all companies and locations in the group will in future operate as a single unit under the common NORDMANN brand umbrella. The new brand strategy will also be consistently expressed in a uniform and differentiated corporate design and a centrally organised communication support system.

Range of services

  • brand strategy
  • brand architecture
  • vision & mission
  • leitmotif
  • branding & design strategy
  • brand name & claim
  • brand engagement
  • brand logo
  • corporate design system
  • corporate literature
  • website
  • design guidelines

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