Lukas Eichenberg

Member of the Executive Board

Short portrait

Lukas Eichenberg completed his training in Switzerland, first at the ETH Zurich and then at the Art Center College of Design on Lake Geneva. After moving to Hamburg, he founded the design agency Syndicate together with Sven Carsten Alt in 1992. Today he is responsible for creativity and processes.

What should you know about Syndicate?
Syndicate is our life’s work, which we are incredibly proud of. Furthermore, we are not perfect, but we are very good. We do a lot right, but not everything. We have great customers, but sometimes also difficult ones. We usually have fun, but not always. What I find most important is that we never stop and try hard every day to get a little better!

What tips do you have for prospective designers?

“Be curious, be brave, be dissatisfied!”

Speak your mind and stand by your convictions. Challenge yourself, your superiors and customers again and again. And even if the design has to meet your personal requirements, don’t forget to understand the people you work for in every project: The customers of your customers!

What 3 things would we take with us to the moon?
A telescope, a trampoline and Aladdin’s magic lamp.

What has changed most in the industry since you started your career?
Almost everything has changed. When I studied, designers were “artists” and brands were something abstract for many. A computer including monitor and software cost about 15,000 to 20,000 DM. Since then, digital change has had a significant impact on the designer’s job. Nowadays everyone can afford a computer and the corresponding software for 60€ per month. Thus, in principle, everyone can be a designer. Unfortunately, design performance today is being held in less and less esteem to the same extent. Designers today are “craftsmen” and agencies are often played off against each other. It is therefore vital for designers and agencies to offer added value – just as it is for the companies and brands we work for on a daily basis…

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