Birthe Claußen

Executive Account Director

Short portrait

Birthe Claußen started her career as a state certified educator. She then studied marketing in Hamburg. She started her career in advertising as a consultant at Scholz & Friends. In 2005 she moved to Syndicate, where she has been responsible for the Corporate Design Unit as Executive Account Director ever since.

What 3 things would we take with us to the moon?
My family (okay, they are not “things”… but still they should go), a packed Kindle and as much good wine as I and the rest of my family can carry.

Do you have a mantra or quote to live by?

“Be the person you’d like to meet yourself.”

In your own words – what are you doing at Syndicate?
I advise clients with a keen sense of brands and social trends and a good portion of good intuition. Across a wide range of disciplines from strategy to design to rollout. But you could also say that I am a problem solver, switch-setter, verbal creative, trend researcher, end consumer, state certified educator, listener, teacher, pupil, organiser, analyst, psychologist and much more.

When did you decide to work in this business? Why?
That was in 2000. I was studying business administration and was very bored. I wanted to work and was looking for something “casual”. Something that suits me. Where I don’t have to pretend. Thus I came (like the virgin to the child) into the advertisement. Looking back, however, it was more of an orientation phase. Over time, I realized that entertaining campaigns didn’t satisfy me. I wanted real brand work. I wanted to make the positive power of brands not only visible, but also tangible. I wanted to significantly control the appearance of brands and play my part in creating successful identities across a wide range of disciplines.

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