Wärme Hamburg: Extension of our design-etat

We were able to secure the extension of the corporate design contract of Wärme Hamburg GmbH for another three years in a tender process. This is accompanied by the development of a common brand for the joint venture between Wärme Hamburg and Hamburg Energie.  

After we have positioned Wärme Hamburg as a strong local brand in 2019 and made it visible and tangible via a distinctive design, new tasks now await us. In the medium and long term, Wärme Hamburg will switch to regeneratively produced fuels. The goal is completely fossil-free heat generation for all Hamburg customers by 2030. We will continue to accompany this path and look forward to the challenges of the future brand management of Wärme Hamburg GmbH.

In addition, the two municipal energy suppliers Wärme Hamburg and Hamburg Energie will merge on 1 January 2022. This means that in future the new company will offer electricity, gas and heating solutions for private and business customers from a single source. The merger of the two municipal energy companies is an important step for Hamburg towards the energy transition and climate neutrality. We will accompany this process from the very beginning. With the aim of creating a new strong corporate brand, we will develop a sustainable strategy and design a unique appearance.

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