Omega Pharma: Design for the new UROinfekt®.

weiße Verpackungsschachtel mit grünem Logoschriftzug und Key Visual bestehend aus zwei sich schützend um eine goldgelb-pinke Kugel legenden Blättern

The leading manufacturer of over-the-counter (OTC) medicines adds a new product to the GRANU FINK® family of brands, specifically for self-medication of urinary tract inflammation.

The packaging design developed for UROinfekt® fits into the familiar brand world and positions the brand powerfully and comprehensibly as an effective and herbal medicine for men and women. In order to ensure attention in the pharmacy’s visual choice, we paid special attention to a color scheme that has an affinity to the target group. The key visual continues the visual tradition of the Granufink® range and communicates the herbal active ingredient made from bearberry leaf extract.

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