Start-ups need strong brands – The Syndicate Startup Challenge

Syndicate Startup Challenge Finalists with Certificates at the Award Ceremony

Four strong pitches and two winners – in the final of the Syndicate Startup Challenge the logistics startup Movemates secured first place and thus the 25,000€ branding package. Also the Deep Tech Startup Blickfeld convinces with second place and wins an additional consulting package worth 10.000€.

Innovation is a valuable asset in our fast-moving and technological society. This is no secret, because nobody can avoid the unbelievable success stories of young companies that go through the roof in the shortest possible time. The startup hype is no longer confined to the legendary Silicon Valley. Startup culture is also flourishing in Germany and all founders dream of becoming “the next big thing.

We too are enthusiastic about the energy and innovative drive of young companies and want to promote and support innovation. Because our experience from working with start-ups has shown us that we also benefit from it.

Startups need strong brands

But what is the most effective way to promote innovation? There are many hurdles to overcome in order to be able to assert yourself in the market. One of the biggest challenges is developing a strong brand. Developing an identity that creates the right image in the minds of the target group requires expertise and professional approaches. With many start-ups, this is not the case because it is expensive and costs time and effort. The available money is often invested differently.

This is where we want to start and this is why we have created the Syndicate Startup Challenge. We want to use our knowledge and skills to help start-ups overcome one of the biggest hurdles to setting up a successful business. The start-ups therefore apply for a branding package, i.e. services worth €25,000. The branding package makes it possible to adjust the price individually to the needs of the winner and thus to support exactly where there is the most urgent need.

The numerous applications have shown us that we have hit a nerve, because many start-ups are faced with similar questions:

How do I position myself in relation to the competition? How do I develop a corporate identity that not only looks good but also works? How do I reach my target group? What are the right market entry strategies?

Four finalists with great potential

The feedback from the founders from a variety of industries has exceeded our expectations, literally giving us the choice to select the finalists. The potential of the business model, the persuasiveness of the founders and teams and the contribution we can make with our know-how as branding experts and company founders were decisive factors in the selection.

In the end, 4 out of over 100 applicants reached the final: the Hamburg Logistics Startup Movemates, the Deep Tech Startup Blickfeld from Munich, the Hanover founders of Blumixx with their innovative concept for balcony planting and the Essen Startup Geogen from the alternative energy sector.

All four finalists have great potential, which they proved once again at the final in our Cookery. We saw four very good pitches.

Movemates wins the Startup Challenge

In the end the Hamburg Movemates had the decisive lead and secured the 25.000€ branding package. Originally started as a B2C platform for small transports, the founders now want to expand their business model in the B2B sector and rethink the logistics industry. What they still need is a strong brand, for which they have now gained an experienced partner.

10.000€ for second place

In the decision round of the jury Movemates delivered itself a head to head race with the Münchner field of vision. The Deep Tech Startup has developed a laser technology that is used in areas such as industry 4.0 or the automotive industry.

They also convinced the Syndicate jury with a strong pitch, which was spontaneously rewarded with an additional consulting package worth €10,000 for second place.

Let’s get to work

The startups delivered and it was our turn to keep our promise. With Blickfeld in mind, we worked in a joint workshop on brand positioning and formulated a brand vision and a clear mission statement.

With Movemates, we developed a strategy for their new B2B brand forward and translated the strategic ideas into a new corporate design.

Thank you for a great challenge!

We would like to thank our finalists once again. It was fun to get to know you, to get exciting insights into the startup life, to see great pitches, to celebrate with you afterwards and to work together with you!

Would you like to get to know us? Let us get in touch with you. We look forward to your message.