Food Trend Insects – FSG Student Project

15 students of the FSG Freie Schule für Gestaltung completed their packaging design project on the subject of neo-ecology with us. Their task was to develop a brand and a packaging design for a food product based on insects. They could choose a product from three options: pet food, snacks or protein dispenser.

The young designers did a great job and proved their skills impressively. The results show a variety of approaches and convince with creativity and ingenuity. We are thrilled! We would like to thank the students for their great commitment and are happy about the great work!

Entonom from Antonia, Matthis and Shira

Instincat from Laura and Robin

Lucha Libre from Oksana

Heimchen & Friends from Anna and Mika

Buffalo’s from Julia and Merve

Bugz from André and Sofiya

Catural from Leah

KrossHopper from Emely and Jasmin

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