Joint steps with Biped- A brand and packaging relaunch

For the biped – the shoe soles with the penguin – from “die Schuhanzieher BgR”, the packaging design was to be revised by Syndicate Design and optimized for online business, with a special focus on Amazon. In addition, the range was expanded to include care products.

The shoe soles of biped are reliable companions for every day and convince with special elements as well as high-quality materials. This should also be visible in the daily online business by placing the brand more strongly on the Internet.

For the new brand and packaging relaunch, we developed an overarching brand architecture to make the different categories manageable for customers. The categories Summer, Winter, Sport and Kids were given meaningful colors, which was a key part of our brand strategy.
Overall, the new packaging looks clearer and makes it possible to grasp the information more quickly.

This was followed by the addition of further brand elements to strengthen differentiation within the product categories. Furthermore, an independent icon system was developed for non-verbal support of the subcategories and product benefits. In this way, an optimal visualization of the product elements could be created.

In addition, the logo received a fine-tuning. In the course of the relaunch, the biped penguin with its strong character appears significantly larger in the logo and is accompanied by the brand claim “for happy feet”. In order to better differentiate biped’s care products, a second category was developed that visually stands out from shoe soles. For this purpose, the logo was equipped with blue accents and appears with the new claim “for happy shoes”.