Next with Knistr

After Ingenico Marketing Solutions already changed its shareholder in January 2022, the MarTech experts for loyalty and gift card programs will operate under the name KNISTR in the future.

Under the guiding principle “We ignite – and make customer relationships crackle”, we developed, in addition to the new company name, the entire brand identity, which brings the new corporate culture and the performance promise to the point. KNISTR ignites the market – this initial spark is now also integrated in the new logo.

“We have a great company name and a presence that is already praised and partly celebrated from the market. Our employees walk around in KNISTR T-shirts, some for the 3rd day ;-).┬áTogether, we have always managed to find pragmatic ways to implement the rebranding on time and in top quality. It was fun!”

Michael Bregulla | Managing Director| KNISTR