New Prinzen Rolle design

Griesson – de Beukelaer (GdB) relaunches and expands the Prinzen Rolle range. The focus is on the introduction of a new variety as well as the modernization of the brand and assortment appearance. Syndicate developed the new packaging design and reworked the well-known Prinzen.

The brand in the changing times
The unmistakable recipe of Prinzen Rolle has proven its worth for six decades now. What has changed gradually over the years, however, are the product range, the packaging design and the appearance of Prinzen.

In our 15 years of work for the Prinzen Rolle brand, we have introduced new varieties, expanded the range for new consumption occasions, and adapted the packaging design and appearance of Prinzen to the tastes of the times.

While the last relaunch in 2019 focused on the patented and award-winning reclosure and thus the convenient handling of the cookies, the current relaunch focuses on strengthening shelf impact and increasing appetite appeal.

In terms of design, we achieved this by carefully stripping the logo of superfluous elements, thereby conveying a distinctly modern brand impression. The varieties are made tastier and easier to distinguish with the help of ingredient illustrations. We paid particular attention to the further development of the Prince. He has become more mature and has more striking facial features. At the same time, new poses have been developed that are used primarily in communication.

The introduction of the Hazelnut variety necessitated, among other things, a new color coding of the varieties. The “Whole Grain” variety changes its variety color to orange and the new Hazelnut variety is given the color green learned in the confectionery market. The landscape format design of the new variety is intended to ensure placement in the middle shelf space.

The relaunch will be introduced gradually from spring 2022 and will be accompanied by a TV campaign.

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