Kettenbach Dental: A new look

For Kettenbach Dental, we have designed a uniform and unmistakable product range presentation, thus completing the new corporate image.

After the dental company from Eschenburg in Hesse has been presenting itself in a new corporate design since 2019, we have now developed a new, unmistakable look for the entire product range of the internationally positioned family business. The products themselves remain unchanged in their quality and character.

After a detailed market analysis of the competition and a survey of dental practices and dental laboratories, we developed a new product range appearance step by step. In doing so, we paid particular attention to striking a balance between the strategic requirement for uniformity of the product range and the desired distinctiveness of the products from the users’ point of view. After all, in everyday practice the well-known and proven products and brands (e.g. Futar®, Identium®, Panasil®, Silginat®, Mucopren® and Visalys®) must be quickly and reliably recognized and distinguished.

The fresh design of the new packaging represents the unique
product variety and ensures recognition and maximum product
clarity. The different indications and the corresponding
products, obtain a clearly recognizable differentiation thanks to the colors and icons used, thus ensuring easy differentiation between the categories of impression and restoration.

The new design as a consistent continuation of the company colors blue and white
includes all package sizes and is visible on the folding cartons
as well as on the cartridge and can labels. The more than 200 products and format sizes were adapted and implemented internally by Kettenbach Dental.

The new packaging is now being successively delivered to retailers.

We wish the Kettenbach team a successful launch in November 2020.