Brand care for Imprägnol

For the traditional company Brauns-Heitmann, we modernized the appearance of the brand classic Imprägnol and developed a “green” PFC-free version.

Imprägnol provides reliable protection for leather, textiles and functional clothing against moisture and protection. The range includes sprays, detergents as well as wash-in impregnators. In order to meet customer demand for ecological products and to expand its market leadership in Germany, Brauns-Heitmann is adding another 100% PFC-free impregnating spray to its range. At the same time, the appearance of the existing product is being modernized.

Following a brand and competitive analysis, we have very carefully developed and modernized the brand’s appearance. In order to strengthen trust in the brand and attract new target groups via the Extention line, we improved the branding, revised the hierarchy and wording of the communication and updated a modern visual language as well as the prominent drop visual. We kept the familiar color code for the existing product and chose green for the new product. The cover is used to highlight the special competence (“No. 1 in Germany”) and the benefits (“100% PFC-free”).