GloryFeel: A glorious new brand identity

The return to nourishing the body and mind and the associated “Mindful Living” is a positive development that we have already seen over the last few years. Many people fall back on alternative medicine methods, which are concerned with supplying the body with sufficient vitamins, amino acids, minerals and antioxidants.

Our customer GloryFeel, one of the leading brands of dietary supplements in online retail, shares this mission and wants to help people “to lead a healthy and happy life full of joie de vivre” with the help of suitable supplements.

Our task was to develop a new brand strategy that would strengthen and reposition GloryFeel in the long term. This brand strategy was translated into an appealing product design, which is geared to the special requirements of e-commerce. The result is impressive: The packaging is striking, has a strong impact but is reduced to the essentials. Important information is visible in large print, the font is unfussy and the colour scheme is rich in contrast – this is how the GloryFeel products look appealing on small and large screens.

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