Germany's largest financial community launches Smartbroker

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Germany’s largest financial community wallstreet:online has developed a new online broker. It was launched in December 2019. We developed the brand strategy and designed the entire appearance.

Together with the German branch of the major French bank BNP Paribas, Germany’s largest financial community wallstreet:online has created a new offering for trading in shares, bonds, funds, ETFs, certificates and warrants on all German stock exchanges.

In order to meet the ambitious goal of becoming the most popular and most used online broker in Germany, we have essentially emphasised in the brand positioning the ease of use, clarity, low price and the connection to Germany’s largest financial community.

The result is an eye-catching overall presence, which we designed according to the principles of “simple/self-explanatory”, “iconic/modern” and “intuitive/functional”. The brand colour green reflects the desired reference to wallstreet:online. In combination with red, however, a colour scheme has been created that is unusual for the financial sector. The pictogram, a stylised “S”, is systematically used in a wide variety of applications such as apps, visual language and iconography, thus creating a homogenous brand image, at the centre of which is the new website.

Smartbroker clearly and positively stands out from the competition and has been seen as an offer for everyone since its launch in December 2019.

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