Bebivita – New for little gourmets!

Bebivita offers a complete nutritional program across all stages of a child’s development, starting with infant formula for bottles, through the first jar, to meals and drinks for toddlers. And all this at an affordable price.

For many years we have been accompanying the brand in design and developing it step by step. In recent months, we have implemented several projects together:

Relaunch of Bebivita jars

Regionality and sustainability are also becoming increasingly important in baby and infant nutrition. That’s why we have implemented a new, regionally oriented organic concept for jars as part of a range relaunch. Without changing the brand personality and familiar packaging architecture too much, we prominently displayed the origin of the main ingredient and organic quality, and explained the contribution to climate neutrality on the back.

Skills: Packaging design, imagery and production consulting/drawing.

Relaunch of the Bebivita fruit squeeze and snack range

To make the snack range more attractive to children, we have developed a new illustration style; colorful and likeable animal characters have been created from fruits and the products themselves. And, to give parents the necessary safety and orientation, we have prominently displayed age information and important ingredients in the usual way.

Skills: Packaging design, illustration and production consulting/drawing.

Market entry Bebivita in France

Bebivita’s planned entry into the French organic market required an independent brand concept and packaging design.

Under the guiding principle for sustainability “Bon pour bébé et la planète” (“Good for your baby and the planet”), we developed our own design concept for the jar range for the French market. With the addition of “Simplement Bio” (“Simply Organic”), we give the brand the necessary quality indication. With the help of a lovingly illustrated natural landscape and handwritten product names, we emphasize the positioning. The focus of the design is on the natural organic ingredients, the healthy and delicious recipes, and the completely recyclable packaging.

Skills: Brand strategy, packaging design, imagery, illustration and production consulting/drawing.

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