Alterric: The new player in the European wind business

With the Alterric brand, a new big player is entering the European market for onshore wind energy. The holistic brand strategy, the naming and the corporate design come from our pen.

“Our task was to position the new company as a strong and innovative player in the renewable sector. The brand needed to clearly stand out from its competitors in the homogeneous market. The new name Alterric is an artificial word made up of several components. The name components all, terra, alternative and electric create the associations to ‘renewable energy for all’. Terra additionally emphasizes the onshore orientation”, says Sven Carsten Alt (Syndicate board member) about the derivation of the new company name.

In addition to the name and the brand strategy developed with Alterra, we also created the independent word-picture mark, which takes up the graphic motif of the wind rose and thus transfers the aspect of orientation into a dynamic sign. The signet simultaneously becomes the idea generator for the corporate design and consistently continues the agility of the logo in the design principle and the graphic world. This has resulted in a stringent and differentiating brand presence that consistently focuses on customer needs.

“With Syndicate’s support in all brand and strategy-relevant areas, Alterric will in future show itself as an innovative and agile company in terms of content and appearance just as we wanted it to. The name and logo embody what we do.”

Stefan Dohler, Chairman of the Board EWE AG

The joint venture is a joint venture between the Aloys Wobben Foundation, which is behind the Aurich-based wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON, and EWE, one of Germany’s largest energy suppliers. Both companies are pioneers in Germany’s onshore wind energy business. The utility and the turbine manufacturer are contributing both their existing wind farms and their projects for further onshore turbines to the future joint venture. Alterric’s aim is to expand its position as a leading producer of green electricity in Germany and France in the coming years and also to grow in other countries.

“The collaboration of the entire project team exemplifies the spirit of partnership that characterizes Alterric’s culture internally and externally and will be one of our competitive strengths.”

Heiko Janssen, Chairman of the Board Aloys Robben Foundation

We congratulate on the successful brand launch and thank for the great cooperation and the trust placed in us.

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