Syndicate develops new branding for fee-free Mastercard Gold

The European direct bank Advanzia introduces a new digital user experience and branding for the fee-free Mastercard Gold. We are responsible for the new branding.

New mobile app, website, customer portal and branding.
The relaunch of the fee-free Mastercard Gold is an important milestone in Advanzia’s efforts to provide a digital experience for its more than two million customers in Germany. In addition to the rebranding, the entire digital experience for German customers has been redesigned. The relaunch underscores the bank’s goal to provide cardholders with an optimal user experience across all customer interfaces.

The new logo and brand identity we developed were chosen to create a consistent and recognizable brand experience for cardholders. In particular, the logo redesign highlights the core offering that the bank consistently deploys across all of its consumer markets: a no-fee credit card that offers customers financial freedom and flexibility.

Following app launches in Austria, France and Spain last year, the platform is now fully available in all the bank’s markets with the recent launch in Germany. The platform offers easy integration of credit card programs for co-branding partners, enables rapid entry into new markets, and forms the basis for the continuous rollout of new digital features.

Working with Syndicate was a lot of fun and we are ultra happy with the result!”
Sinisa Preradovic – Head Sales Private Customers | Senior Director

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