Brand & Design Management

Identities need to evolve and brand assets need to be managed efficiently.

The development and implementation of brand strategy and appearance is a continuous process of change. It should be permanently integrated into your corporate planning and efficiently managed. To help you succeed, we offer a wide range of support and consulting services.

We support you in the systematic development of an efficient brand and design management. To this end, we provide you with inspiring and binding guidelines and individual services and use digital brand management platforms and instruments to periodically measure brand performance. We support you in operational brand management and offer ongoing brand and design consulting. To anchor the brand positioning, we also develop training and education for all colleagues, partners and agencies working on the success of your brand.

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Selected references

Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG

In the course of the new development of the “Heinemann” brand, we conducted training sessions and workshops for the management and partners involved and developed binding manuals for the appearance and branch planning.

Hamburger Sparkasse AG

We described the newly developed branch concept for Haspa in a retail manual and familiarized the departments and partners involved with the concept through workshops and training sessions.

Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH

For the worldwide Volkswagen license management, we conceived and designed an inspiring and binding style guide.

Gruner + Jahr GmbH

After the relaunch of the appearance of the lifestyle brand Schöner Wohnen collection, we created comprehensive CD guidelines for Gruner + Jahr Brand Management and all licensees.

Sennheiser GmbH & Co. KG

We described the new brand strategy and the modernized appearance of Sennheiser in a high-quality brand book and developed an online brand management tool for brand and product management.

Kaufland Stiftung & Co. KG

We documented the revised brand strategy and the modernized appearance of Kaufland in all its facets (online, offline and store) in an attractive brand book.

Robert Bosch GmbH

We have laid down our modernized Bosch Classic appearance in a binding Communication Manual.

Deichmann SE

We have anchored the relaunch of the branch presence and the concept for improved in-store communication in a binding Retail Manual. This provides the basis for the international expansion and store remodeling of the Deichmann, Dosenbach (CH) and van Haren (NL) brands.

Flightright GmbH

As part of the modernization of the website, we defined the appearance of the market-leading consumer portal for air passenger rights in a web style guide.

Nordmann Corporate Literature

Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH

Following the strategic realignment of the group of companies and the implementation of an integrated brand presence, we also support Nordmann in operational tasks, such as the design and implementation of the customer magazine “Nordmann News”.

Tribodyn Corporate Literature

Tribodyn AG

We accompanied the launch of the strategic realignment of the manufacturer of sustainable fertilizers with a meaningful and attractive image brochure.

Our range of services

Brand and Design consulting

Brand management is a living process. A variety of challenges and tasks await you in everyday marketing. It is easy to lose sight of your brand, its appearance erodes and its image is diluted. To keep your brand on course, we offer you a wide range of support.

  • Project tasks
  • Design Audits
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Lead agency
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Project tasks
Benefit from our expertise and many years of experience. Confront us with your tasks from strategy, creation, implementation as well as brand and design management. We will show you solutions, help you with creative implementation or review developed work with regard to brand and target group fit.

Design Audit and Customer Journey Mapping
From time to time it is necessary to review the positioning and appearance of your brand in order to identify weak points at an early stage. We offer you to regularly analyze the appearance of your brand and the customer journey as a whole or in excerpts. From the perspective of your target group(s) and with an understanding of the brand positioning. With the help of Customer Journey Mapping and the Brand Universe, we identify deficits in the appearance and brand experience and can develop creative solutions with pinpoint accuracy.

Lead agency
Acting as a lead agency for branding and design, we can ensure that your brand’s diverse activities pay off on strategy. By involving us in strategic planning, we can provide important input at an early stage and provide ongoing support to your service providers and partners during implementation. As part of your team, we take on coordination and control tasks, enable synergies and increase efficiency.

CI-Net solutions

The management of brand assets is of particular importance in day-to-day marketing. To ensure that this is done efficiently and that internal resources are used with priority, we offer different and complementary solutions.

  • Styleguides & Manuals
  • CI-Net solutions
  • CI-Hotline
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CI-Net Solutions
We support you in systematic and efficient brand and design management with regard to content messages and the consistent implementation of design systems. To this end, we provide you with inspiring and binding guidelines and style guides, support you with a CI hotline and use digital brand management platforms.

The possibilities of digital CI-Net solutions are manifold. They range from simple and cost-effective modular offerings to scalable, cloud-based all-in-one solutions that also offer knowledge and know-how transfer options, web-to-print functions and much more. Depending on your requirements, we develop or research the right solution for your brand management and take responsibility for support, so that you can concentrate on your core tasks.

Brand Training and Academy

The internal anchoring of the brand strategy is of particular importance. That’s why we involve all key stakeholders in the strategy process at an early stage and keep them involved throughout the entire process, right up to implementation.

  • Brand Book
  • Workshops & Trainings (in Presence)
  • Webinars & Videoteachings
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Brand Training and Academy
As part of brand engagement programs, we develop clear and inspiring training and education concepts for managers, employees (e.g. marketing, sales, customer service) and for the onboarding of new employees.

To ensure that brand strategy and implementation do not get lost in the daily marketing routine, we develop training courses and academies for your partners and agencies in the fields of marketing and communications as presence events or as webinars and video training.

Measurement of Brand performance

A few KPIs can tell you if your brand is losing luster. Time plays an important role here. Because the longer you wait, the smaller your room for maneuver becomes. And this decreases extremely quickly to the point where countermeasures are no longer possible!

  • Definition of KPI’s
  • Own panel surveys & interviews
  • Market research
  • Online Marketing analyses
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Measurement of Brand performance
We set up an early warning system for you by measuring brand performance based on changes in image, customer associations with the brand and product, customer feedback or website usage.

This is done either through our own periodic panel surveys with customers, suppliers and employees, by involving a market research institute or by analyzing online marketing data. With the help of these measurements, we can identify developments, weaknesses, and potential and make precise corrections or enhancements to the customer experience in the spirit of forward-looking brand management.

Support for operational Brand Management

With creative spirit and without losing sight of your brand, we support you in the development and implementation of a wide range of operational tasks in everyday marketing.

  • Corporate Literature
  • Periodicals (sustainability report, newsletter, customer magazines)
  • Trade fair & event communication
  • Landing pages, microsites, banners
  • Social Media campaigns
  • Screens, Interfaces
  • Animations, moving images (logo, trailer, corporate movie)
  • Promotion (Online promotions, packaging)
  • Displays & PoS furniture
  • Sponsoring
  • Advertising materials
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Support for operational Brand Management

In addition to the development, implementation and maintenance of brand strategies and systems, we also support you in operational tasks of the digital, analog or spatial appearance of your brand and communication. Based on conceptual considerations, we design creative solutions, produce texts, take care of production, art direction and art buying, and are responsible for final artwork, litho, design engineering or programming.

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