How we empower brands

Markets in transition

The engine of change is digitalization. It is changing everything and much at the same time. Products and services are becoming more interchangeable, and genuine unique selling points are becoming rarer.

In this environment, brands can only develop impact and power if brand design and customer experience form a unit and follow an overarching strategy. That’s why we have geared our services and processes towards a seamless and customer-centric experience at all points of contact.

Smartphone in Hand

Think Smart. Create Iconic.

Think Smart. Create Iconic. is our holistic approach to making brands strong and valuable.

In the digital age, agility and speed are decisive factors for success. That’s why we see teamwork as the best prerequisite for successful and dynamic brand work. Together, we develop the precise strategic direction and continuously optimize the content and performance of your brand.

From the strategy, we derive an overarching and powerful idea for your brand. With a focus on branding and design, we look at the design of your brand and the customer experience as a unit from the customer’s perspective.

You benefit from our monitoring of the most important trends and industry news and regular dialog with partners from the digital business, trend research, and many other areas. Experience also teaches us that effective levers for brand-compliant and efficient brand management lie in implementation and design management. That is why we take responsibility for the realization and introduction of efficient design management systems.

Our brand model

The brand strategy describes the DNA of your brand and is the foundation for strength, growth and sustainable success in a competitive environment. With our brand model, we define the identity of your brand. Together with you, we develop the core idea or “why” of your brand, its core values, value proposition and market segmentation.

Brand is what remains when you have forgotten everything else around it. That’s why we translate the developed strategy into a visible, living brand experience. In doing so, we reflect on the necessary investments and implications for future brand perception.

We strengthen your brand by leaving out the unnecessary, highlighting the important and making the complex understandable. With our brand model, we set a stable foundation for the future planning of your company’s activities and give you certainty of action and a direction for future brand management.

Our process

We understand the development and implementation of brand identity as a continuous process of optimization and further development. In order to reach the goal efficiently and to give you maximum transparency and security, we work along defined work steps.

We adapt the concrete contents and necessary processing depth of the individual project phases individually to your task. You want to sharpen the positioning of your brand? We support and accompany you in this process. Have you already developed a sustainable strategy for your brand? Then we start directly with the creation. Do you already have a partner for the implementation? Then we will provide you with the corresponding master designs after the creation.

The possibilities are manifold. Talk to us and let us show you how we can strengthen your brand.

Our competences

Evaluation and strategy

Based on our own research, interviews and focus groups as well as the evaluation of market research, we develop the future strategy for your brand and provide answers regarding positioning, brand architecture and portfolio management. In addition to the precise formulation of the brand strategy, we show the resulting consequences for a seamless customer-oriented experience and have thus simultaneously created the basis for the subsequent creation.


We view the design of your brand and the customer experience as a unit. For us, the creation follows the strategy. All contact points of your brand are included. Our expertise extends across all digital, analog and spatial areas.

We develop protectable brand names, holistic corporate design systems, attractive packaging designs and sustainable packaging materials. Our competencies range from the development of modular PoS systems to store and branch formats to the translation of the CI into architecture, office and interior design.

Implementation and management

We advise you on production and offer you all the necessary services for implementation – digital, analog and spatial. For the sustainable management of brand assets, we offer you inspiring and binding solutions and individual services. We measure brand performance by defining KPIs and periodically verifying the success of brand work. As part of brand engagement programs, we develop concepts for the internal anchoring of new brand positioning and support you in operational brand management.

What you can expect from us


All important stakeholders of your company are involved in our processes. The brand strategy is defined in moderated workshops. We design the brand experience in an iterative creative process.


Constant contact persons from consulting and creation ensure a smooth and transparent cooperation.


Depending on the task and objective, we develop an individual process and use appropriate methods and creative techniques in each case.


You receive clear guidelines that sustainably strengthen your brand, ensure decision-making certainty and form a holistic brand experience from your customers’ point of view.

Creative and professional

We question, think outside the box and are not satisfied with the first best solution. We always keep your goals in mind and work efficiently.

Holistic and sustainable

Whether analog, spatial or digital. The values and performance of your brand become visible and tangible in all areas of the brand experience. We maintain your brand’s presence and regularly review its performance.

You would like to get to know us? We are looking forward to your message.