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Brand Strategy

The precise strategic alignment of a brand in a competitive environment is the cornerstone for success that stays on course. Even in turbulent waters. Because a smart brand strategy already provides answers to tomorrow’s questions.

Our services: brand & corporate identity, brand positioning, brand strategy, brand architecture, portfolio management, branding & design strategy, development of leitmotifs & guiding ideas.

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Corporate Design

Is Corporate Design a tuxedo suit or straitjacket? Neither. Good corporate design is characterised by authenticity, flexibility and recognition. It helps companies to present their unique identity effectively and to make their inner values visible.

Our offer: Corporate Identity, Brand & Corporate Design, Corporate Wording & Communication, Brand & Design Management and Brand Engagement.

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ipuro room scent flacons and scented candles on a wooden table

Brand & Packaging Design

What exactly distinguishes a good packaging design? Coherence? Style? Independence? Exactly. And a lot more. Because packaging is the most important brand ambassador. Packaging can do a lot, but it can’t do one thing: it can’t communicate!

Our offer: brand strategy, brand positioning, portfolio management, naming of brands and products, concept, design, styling as well as consulting and creative services for implementation.

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Skoda car dealership facade

Shop & Retail Design

Real brand experiences are becoming increasingly important in times of increasing digitalization. Virtuality can stimulate the appetite, but the bite needs the analog world of our sensual experience.

Our offer: Development of holistic retail strategies, concept, design and implementation of displays, shop-in-shop systems, flagship stores, pop-up stores and branches. Our subsidiary DoubleQ GmbH realizes the implementation with a tested partner network from the shopfitting sector.

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Heinemann Lounge

Brand Spaces

We give brands space, in the truest sense of the word. We ensure that brand values are experienced multisensory and implemented impressively.

Our offer: Concept, design and implementation of shops and branches, bars and restaurants, company and office spaces, trade fairs and event areas, corporate architecture and branded architecture. Our subsidiary DoubleQ GmbH realises the complete implementation with a proven partner network, for example in architecture, media design and trade fair construction.

Digital Branding

Brand management on the web faces special challenges. The brand and its elements have to make a rapid impact and captivate, because the next attention grabber is only a click away.

Our services: Analysis, strategy, design and implementation of the digital customer journey, user experience design, user interface and screen design, websites, apps, digital signage, augmented reality.

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VW Bus and Surfboards at the Beach

Brand & Design Management

Consistency in appearance and an efficient management are prerequisites for success. Therefore, we develop inspiring and binding documentation, web-based tools and individual services.

Our services: brand book, style guide, guideline, templates, CI portal, design library, CD check and CI hotline.

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Creative Services

Precise detail work is required at the interface between design and production. With a sharp eye and expertise, we support the implementation of design projects – for results beyond mediocrity.

Our services: production consulting, print approval, final artwork, lithography, image composing, EBV, art direction and art buying.

Think Smart. Create Iconic.

Our attitude

Think Smart. Only those who understand markets and people in depth can give the right answers. Even to never-asked questions. We carefully analyse and derive a strategy from this, which leads to a guiding idea for the brand. This is the cornerstone.

Create Iconic. The world is intrusive, our attention a rare commodity. In order for the brand to take root and grow in people’s minds and hearts, we transform the guiding idea into an iconic design that shines for a long time – and not just smolders.

What speaks for us?

For more than 26 years we have been burning for branding and design, drawing on a wealth of experience – digital and analogue. We are well versed in many disciplines and have expertise in a wide variety of markets and industries. Depending on your needs, we put together specialists from strategy, design, architecture and production for you.

We assume responsibility for the entire process and attach great importance to its implementation – from the final artwork of the packaging to the programming of the website and the prototype of the new store. So that convincing design concepts actually produce first-class results.

Only those who know the rules can break them. We work with modern creativity techniques and agile structures along defined processes. This gives us the freedom to try out new, surprising ways – beyond the boundaries of categories and disciplines.

Would you like to get to know us? Then let us get in touch with you. We look forward to hearing from you.