What are you doing about the EROSION of your employees’ and customers’ commitment and culture to your company and brand?

Is your company undergoing a massive change in the way it works? Your employees mainly work from home and you are worried about losing the cohesion and culture in the company?

You should re-evaluate and act now!

At Syndicate, we show you how to transform your corporate location into the “New Normal.” It must become a central place for work-related, company-related as well as identity-creating experiences for customers and employees.

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Dieses Bild zeigt eine Familie im Home Office. Vater, Großmutter und die beiden Kinder sitzen auf dem gemeinsamen Sofa und gehen ihren Beschäftigungen nach. Die Mutter staubsaugt und der Familienhund verzweifelt am Chaos.


Dieses Bild stellt ein Sinnbild für hybrides Arbeiten dar. Es sind insgesamt 6 Büro-Boxen in unterschiedlicher Entfernung zu sehen. In allen Boxen arbeitet je ein Mitarbeiter konzentriert an seinem Computer.

Hybrid Working…

The Corona pandemic has permanently changed the way we work. Home office and hybrid working without a continuous presence in the office will become standard in the future. As the world of work changes, new demands on the office are coming to the fore. Brand values, on the other hand, are in danger of being forgotten.

Companies that do not stage themselves in their premises risk becoming arbitrary and interchangeable as employers. Employees need a central place where they can experience the great company and the special brand for which they give their best day in and day out.

The office must become a place where your brand has an attractive and distinctive home!

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In doing so, we focus on three key areas:

Brand. The specific identity of your company or brand: culture, values, history, appearance and characteristics.

Operations. The operational framework: Premises, areas, functionalities, work processes and structures, equipment, ergonomics, occupational safety and (media) technology.

X-perience. The human component: individual needs of all employees and guests, atmosphere, brand- and company-specific behaviors and rituals.

B.O.X. by Syndicate guarantees you the perfect symbiosis of brand, functionalities and the needs of your employees – for your future office.

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Our Process

Neben dem textblock ist eine Lupe abgebildet, die als Symbol für "Evaluation" dienen soll


First, we analyze the current state of your daily work and discuss and define with you requirements and realistic goals for the future.

Als Symbolbild für Strategie sind zwei Kreise dargestellt, die durch einen Pfeil miteinander verbunden werden.


First, we analyze the current state of your daily work and discuss and define with you requirements and realistic goals for the future.

Als Symbol für "Kreation" dient der Stift. Er ist in stark vereinfachter Form neben dem text abgebildet.


We translate your brand DNA into a clear space and area concept and design a functional and motivating work and brand environment.

Auf diesem Bild sind zwei Zahnräder zu sehen, die perfekt ineinander laufen. Sie sollen ein Symbol für funktionierende Umsetzung darstellen.


We develop clear specifications for the implementation and, with our network, are also happy to support you in the execution: from the tender to the complete conversion.

Auf diesem Icon ist ein  Ringmaulschlüssel zu sehen, der ein Symbol für Management darstellen soll.


We support you in the further development of your office, from rollout to ideas for the home office to adaptations to constantly changing needs.

With B.O.X. by Syndicate you create a home for your brand that your employees will love and appreciate.

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Dieses Bild zeigt ein Foto unseres Vorstandes Heiko Hinrichs, der für dieses Projekt verantwortlich ist.

Heiko Hinrichs
Board Member

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