[n. sɪn.dɪ.kət]

A group of persons who pursue a common goal.


We are a team comprised of strategists, consultants, designers and production managers from the fields of Packaging, Corporate, Retail and Digital Design. Companies have entrusted us with their brands for over 25 years. Successfully.


A group of persons who pursue a common goal.

How we work

Think Smart - Verstehen, was wichtig ist

Think Smart – Understanding what’s important

"I never do a painting as a work of art. All of them are researches.“ (Pablo Picasso)


We love clear, simple messages because they convince. They are easy to grasp and make a lasting impression. But how are they found?

Simple is the most difficult. But the outcome is captivating. Concepts and messages are not found, they are developed. Via intensive, critical appraisal of the brand, the competition and consumers’ needs. Using intelligence, structure, empathy and industrious efforts.
To us, the prerequisite in being able to understand a brand and in finding a relevant, convincing brand message.

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Create Iconic - Klare Signale setzen


Create Iconic – Setting clear signals
"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.“ (Steve Jobs)

Design without content is merely an aesthetic hull. That’s why no design originates at Syndicate without having a viable idea ready and waiting in advance. It’s a matter of principle.

When translating concepts into designs, we pay attention that our concepts are targeted, client-oriented and, above all, clear.
As a result of this principle, we create orientation from multiple points of view: brands are discovered faster, understood better and experienced more intensely. All of them are prerequisites for brands to anchor themselves sustainably in peoples’ hearts and minds.

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Marken mit Sorgfalt begegnen


Approaching brands with diligent care
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” (Warren E. Buffet)

Brands require continuity so that they can evolve and unfold. The thing is, people do have to trust brands – and that takes time!

Continuity is equally a genuine added value in the work we do together with our clients. It leads to efficient co-operation, a deeper understanding of the brand, and ultimately to more successful results.
We approach brands with common sense, diligent care and a lot of respect. We have been working for many of our clients for quite a long time, and have consequently become a continuity factor for well-known brands.

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Über den Tellerrand blicken

Thinking outside the box
“Freethinker: Designation for representatives of a stance according to which thinking is not allowed to be confined by traditional, i.e. moral conventions or bans on thought.” (Wikipedia)

In each and every project we seek an open-minded, critical appraisal of the constellation of tasks we have to do. Especially the ability to think laterally, to go one step further and incorporate new perspectives leads to remarkable results.

This attitude also inspires us to learn from other disciplines and to set off on new paths. Syndicate is composed of specialists from the fields of strategy, consulting, online marketing, design, illustration, visualisation, architecture and production. Which puts us in a position to do justice to complex, demanding specifications, to develop holistic solutions, and to guarantee a high quality of enactment.

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What we master

  • Analysis

    - Branding system

    - Brand architecture

    - Design audit

    - Customer journey

    - SWOT

    - Competition

    - Trends



  • Strategy

    - Positioning

    - Portfolio management

    - Name creation

    - Branding strategy 

    - Design strategy

    - Leitmotif

    - Innovation idea



  • Experience

    - Packaging design

    - POS design

    - POS communikation

    - Retail design 

    - Trade fair design

    - Corporate design

    - Event design

    - Signage system

    - Digital Design



  • Implementation

    - Production consultancy

    - Final artwork

    - Lithography

    - Design engineering

    - Prototyping

    - Sampling

    - Supplier screening

    - Tender

    - Brand manual

    - CD portal

    - Web programming



We are Syndicate